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Nikon D810 DSC_0001, Lightroom Tricks, First Impressions and More

I always post my DSC_0001, good, bad, be what it may.  In keeping with tradition, here is my very first snap with my new D810:

D810 First Look
D810 DSC_0001

Update! Lightroom 5.6 is out now with support for the D810.

Update 2! New camera profiles are available from Adobe for the D810 resolving some specific colour and posterization issues.

Thanks again, HF!

Adobe Lightroom Camera Calibration (Camera Profile) Bug
Adobe Lightroom bug. Images showing oversaturated.

My first impressions:

  • Beautiful files, even at high ISO
  • Improved auto white balance
  • Extremely quiet, and sexy shutter sound.   It’s my quietest DSLR yet
  • Focus is fast and accurate! My D800 needed a lot of tuning.
    D810, no focus fine tuning necessary.
  • The buffer is huge
  • 6 FPS in 1.2 crop and 7 FPS in DX crop is well appreciated
  • Small Raw (9 MP) is a waste.  Compressed NEF (36 MP) is the same file size.

On a side note, I traded a camera today to make room in the cabinet.