Nikon D810 DSC_0001, Lightroom Tricks, First Impressions and More

I always post my DSC_0001, good, bad, be what it may.  In keeping with tradition, here is my very first snap with my new D810:

D810 First Look
D810 DSC_0001

Update! Lightroom 5.6 is out now with support for the D810.

Update 2! New camera profiles are available from Adobe for the D810 resolving some specific colour and posterization issues.

Thanks again, HF!

Adobe Lightroom Camera Calibration (Camera Profile) Bug
Adobe Lightroom bug. Images showing oversaturated.

My first impressions:

  • Beautiful files, even at high ISO
  • Improved auto white balance
  • Extremely quiet, and sexy shutter sound.   It’s my quietest DSLR yet
  • Focus is fast and accurate! My D800 needed a lot of tuning.
    D810, no focus fine tuning necessary.
  • The buffer is huge
  • 6 FPS in 1.2 crop and 7 FPS in DX crop is well appreciated
  • Small Raw (9 MP) is a waste.  Compressed NEF (36 MP) is the same file size.

On a side note, I traded a camera today to make room in the cabinet.

15 thoughts on “Nikon D810 DSC_0001, Lightroom Tricks, First Impressions and More”

  1. Hi,
    congrats to your new camera. I tried all my lenses today and had to fine tune all of them consistently around +9. But now they work fine.

      1. Yes indeed. Autofocus is much improved. But I think my model just had a slight back focus, since I needed to change my lenses in the SAME way in autofocus fine tune. Qc sounds even more quiet. I like the grip, too, my fingers don’t hit the back-housing anymore.

  2. Thanks. I use the Adobe profile and not the camera profiles. My wife does most of the post-processing. She usually tends to keep the files flat, uses Topaz for sharpening or directly uses PS afterwards. She has all the actions form Paint-The-Moon and Florabella. She said these give her the effects she wants. But so far, I really like this camera, the files using the Sigma 35mm are amazing.

      1. You need to actively copy the files in a folder. Is described in the link. Seems to work nicely, as far as I have seen from looking at a view files. But there is an other issue regarding long exposures showing thermal noise much stronger than that of the D800 (see on photography It is not an issue when using LE-NR (although time doubles), so I don’t care as I never go above 30s (up to now). Other than that, it’s an incredible camera.

  3. Hello
    I have just bought D 810 and in the process of learning the ropes. However up till now I must say I an more than satisfied by it focus and capture of details.
    I just want to ask one one question.
    My interest is in portraits. I use AF-S focusing with spot metering. One of my friend suggested to use AF-C (as the model may move slightly– AF-S suitable only for perfectly still objects like landscapes, still life) and he also suggested to use ‘pattern metering’ instead of spot,
    What is your practice?
    With regards

    1. Good question. I usually use matrix metering because if the small spot is on the dark makeup, for example, it can throw off the metering compared to the lower eye which is usually lighter.

      Likewise, I agree with your friend that AF-C is better for shooting models if you’re shooting at wide apertures like f/1.4 to f/4 because of the risk of the model or you moving between getting the focus and the exposure.

      Of course, many use focus-and-recompose which requires AF-S then you just have to make sure you always take a safety shot.

      I place my focusing point where I need and use AF-C for models when shooting with large apertures.

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