More Nikon Df Images

I’ve had nearly two weeks of daily shooting on the Nikon Df to capture some images that, I hope, are worthy of your consideration.

Just remember what I always say:

  • If the images are crap, it’s the camera
  • If the images are good, it’s the photographer, not the equipment
Sunrise over the Alps and Fog (Click through any image for a larger view)
Colors in the Fog
Sunset over the Mountains Obscured by Fog
Landscape after the Fog Rolls In
Enjoying a Morning Break

4 thoughts on “More Nikon Df Images”

  1. Nice work! I agree that the 24-85mm is one of the best all-around standard zooms, but my favorite is still the 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5, especially when I want to go out as light and compact as possible with my D700. The 28-70mm is well-made, sharp, uses 52mm filters and only costs around $90 on eBay.

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