My Long-Term Review of the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A

Having shot it extensively for nearly a year, this lens is great!

It is surprisingly sharp at f1.4 with good bokeh and very well-controlled CA.

I shoot it extensively on my D800, almost always at f1.4 and it never fails to impress.


Build quality is exceptional. The machined polished metal mount extends into the body making a very impressive first impression. The main barrel (and filter threads) are plastic, but the whole package feels high quality.

Adding an extension tube and shooting at f11 also gives great results.

Sharpness: ExceptionalImage

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Summary: It’s awesome.  Buy immediately.

More images:
(click to see full size)

Sigma 35 Art Isolation Sigma 35 Art Landscape Sigma 35 Art Weather Sigma 35 Art Sharp and Bokeh Sigma 35 Art Cobbled Boot Sigma 35 Art Colors 2 Sigma 35 Art Street 2 Sigma 35 Art Street Sigma 35 Art Colors and Isolation Sigma 35 Art Bokeh Sigma 35 Art Macro

One thought on “My Long-Term Review of the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A”

  1. Back when in 2012, Sigma reinvented itself with its art series for professional-consumer( pro-sumer) photography needs, I didn’t gave it much thought considering the bad quality controls from Sigma and second grade stuff I knew it for( I admit to being unnecessarily obnoxious there).! :p

    But then I overheard praises for this glass from a variety of colleagues and friends which prompted me to borrow one and test for myself. After spending a month with it, I have come to agree that this Sigma is indeed a lens worth consideration among the big boys. 😀
    one can also read more about this amazing glass at

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