Five Reasons Why I Ordered a Nikon Df

“Virgin tripod hole. Street. Grit. Throw it in the bag. Bang it, bash it, abuse it, use it, love it!” – Tim H.

So I ordered a Nikon Dƒ.

It’s sad that the photographic community is so divided that I feel the need to explain why it was the right decision for me. The reasons for me are not only emotional, but also very practical.

Df_SL_50_1.8_SE_front.high1. Size
First off, it’s the smallest full frame SLR you can get.  It’s only 5 mm taller  than the D7000 and even lighter – a camera with a much smaller sensor!

Size Comparison

(D7000 vs. Dƒ size comparison via

I’m one of those guys who has a camera always with me.  After a brief love affair with the Fujifilm X100S, I knew I needed a full-featured camera: something fast, powerful, but still a practical every-day size.

2. Mirror
A mirror is a feature, not a sign of it being old-fashioned.

Only with a mirror can you get all of the following features:

  • A big, bright, live viewfinder instead of viewing the world through a tiny computer monitor in a box
  • Better autofocus, but I believe that sensor-PDAF will catch up some time
  • Lower battery usage. No battery sucking display running all the time.  I never turn my Nikon “off” unless exchanging the lens.  It’s always in standby – sometimes for weeks at at a time.
  • Faster start from sleep. When have you last had to wait for an SLR to boot up?

3. Compatibility
I own Nikon lenses.  Just about everything I need, and adapters are slow, have image quality  and other compromises.

4. D4 Sensor/Processing System
Arguably the best high-iso sensor in the world.  16 megapixels is enough for my run-and-gun style.  This camera is meant to be taken with me.

Virgin tripod mounting hole. Street. Grit. Throw it in the bag. Bang it, bash it, abuse it, use it, love it!

Speaking of run-and-gun, the buffer is pretty big too:

  • NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 12-bit: 37
  • NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 14-bit: 29
  • NEF (RAW), Compressed, 12-bit: 47
  • NEF (RAW), Compressed, 14-bit: 38
  • NEF (RAW), Uncompressed, 12-bit: 30
  • NEF (RAW), Uncompressed, 14-bit: 25

5. Design and Looks
Yes, looks.  Frankly, I find it very nice.  I also photograph people who aren’t used to being a model, and I think the Dƒ is much less intimidating than a big black SLR like my D800.  I chose silver for that reason.

Besides that, the idea of quick access to everything you need using dials is appealing to me.


It should arrive next week, so stand by for my hands-on initial impressions!

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Ordered a Nikon Df”

  1. I still think it is way overpriced for one reason & one reason only: to make it more desirable, “snob appeal” if you will. The Dƒ with it’s faux-retro looks & its great low-light sensor will be an interesting addition to various types of people; in this light I appreciate your post outlining the reasons even more.

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